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released August 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Night Terrors Sudbury, Ontario

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Track Name: All Right Now
out of the corner of my eye
I see you in the streets
but I’m waiting on me
I’ll look out the corner of my eye

late at night I wonder why I fight
the urge to sleep
now I learn to be outside of me
Track Name: So Few Roads
how are there so few roads
for me to travel?
whispers in the night
body shakes, rattles

wrong turn, hole in the earth
lose yourself in battle
all my hard work
forgotten in shadow
Track Name: Master Plan
the crow flies over my head
moves on towards the next man
if I’ve learned anything
from the animals I see
it’s that they know a little more than me

they know of the master plan
they feel the sun’s guiding hand
they don’t question the earth
they just follow the dirt
they’re in on the master plan

twins feel each others thoughts
they’re in tune before the cell phone shock
they walk the same earth
and they feel each others hurt
they’re in tune with each others thoughts

now I’m in on the master plan
when the normal isn’t something you can stand
you must take what is free
and keep what you need
the master plan is a little rough
Track Name: Phantom Song
seeing is believing
knowing is not enough
I will fight the phantom
I will fear it not

brother, I can feel him
a twin lost at birth
mother, the angel
will shatter the holy earth

I need a little push
to get me in the right direction
I need a little tap
to get the ball rolling
but first, who am I trying to impress?
I must forget
I must lead
or I will be forgotten in the dirt
Track Name: Whitehorse
crumbling at the seams
need tighter knots where they used to be
animals speak to me
their eyes relate an intimate delicacy

oh my god
set the alarms
reset the banks
open my heart

running out of time
the quicker they produce
the shorter the line
feel it in the streets
fix the same cracks
instead of the trees
smoke fills their lungs
they haven’t bought a pack
since the early morn’
Track Name: Dark Night of the Soul
if my dreams hold the answers
why are they so hard to remember?
why are they so full of terror?
I will search for the answers
in the dark of the night

this is the clarion call
I will search for the words
I will find they were written
on the dark night of the soul

cold as the night is
I will fight for the breaking
of the dawn into the morning light,
when the sun breaks the cold
Track Name: Foul Ways
ten thousand years are between us
or should I say seven hours by bus?
five weeks and we’ll be together
lord knows this shit is rough

all my days are behind me
all my meat is cold
sewers steaming into the night
street sweepers shaking me alive

I wish I were a different kind of man
one who could keep secrets in his heart
but I will shake and they will fall
my thoughts slip through my mind into yours
Track Name: Bear Child
eat it alive
watch your brothers die
bury the hole inside
only a quarter a mile

eat it alive
watch your brothers die
bury the hole inside
sweetheart, I’m fine

oh, my way
is to bury your friends and stay
close to your heart and high in the trees
only my brother can speak to me
Track Name: Yellowknife
watching the moon burn the earth
enemies are like autumn leaves
all my dreams seem to be lost
on the minds of the ones I see

have I come to be
all that I will be?
see my friends around the fire
take in the light like it was water
they grow their bones in the sea
the salt makes them stronger than me
Track Name: Phoenix Song
when the wind casts a shadow
and the sun soaks your skin
you won’t find me on the level
i’ll be up on a plane
laughing with the angels
or swimming with the beasts
calling out your name
through a forest of your belief

I walk in words
and I speak in tongues
I see in ears
and I hear your thoughts
how much bullshit
can one man hold?
olden ways
they aren’t always golden roads

nuclear war
and a new, clear war
I kill for my country
and I write for my home
I read the news
but I don’t know any more

golden rules
major chords
rich men in debt
a new phoenix soars
Track Name: What My Dreams Mean
do you feel the stones upon your heart?
do you feel the stones upon your door?
do you feel the lead inside your skull?
do you feel the weight upon your soul?

I know what my dreams mean
I can finally free me from the hardest part

don’t waste all your words at once on me
speak when you are sure please do not tease
half in, half out, wise words help me now
thrown out by the tracks I’ll win somehow
Track Name: Wardenclyffe
I know you’re not tired of sinking so low
I see you cower, you’re hardly a show
I know a liar, he’s going to be a hero
my town, the lights turn, the snow falls low

as crooked as they come
hearts filled with greed and lust
but the heart knows
that the body knows
that you will rise
Track Name: Art to Business
all answers lead to wonder
all safety leads to fear
all weakness leads to power
all wrong leads to right
all currency leads to thieves
all rising leads to descend
all rebellion leads to following
all sadness leads to love
all of me leads to all of you
all explanation leads to doubt
all improvement leads to destruction
all of this is a result of that
all art leads to business
all beliefs lead to regret
all glory leads to shame

call me
simply use me today

call me tuesday
for you’re mine